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Meet the Doctors That Make Dayton Dandes Medical Center One of the Leading Centers for Integrative Medicine in the Nation

Dayton Dandes Medical Center, Miami’s premier Holistic & Integrative Medical facility, stands as Southeast Florida’s oldest existing medical facility practicing complementary, conventional and alternative medicine (CAM), first introduced in 1973 by its Visionary Founder, Osteopathic Physician Dr. Martin Dayton.

Leading the Way

At Dayton Dandes Medical Center we believe in customized care.

We realize that no two patients are the same, and so we create customized treatment plans to fit your individual needs. We treat those battling cancer, nutritional deficiencies, pain, and other health issues using a combination of conventional medicine and alternative or complementary treatments. Conventional medicine, which is often both expensive and invasive, is good for treating emergency conditions like serious injuries and traumas. Alternative medicine is often less expensive, and more natural in its approach. The word “alternative” is a blanket term used by many to describe any type of treatment outside of conventional medicine. Many therapies and treatments are referred to as “alternative” like acupuncture or homeopathy. When you combine conventional and alternative medical practices the result is integrative medicine. Integrative care combines mainstream medicine and proven holistic or alternative therapies to treat patients more effectively. Patients who incorporate integrative medicine into their treatments are often happier with their results. At Dayton Dandes Medical Center we offer a wide range of integrative medical treatments including Insulin Potentiated and Intravenous therapies. Tired of a healthcare system where doctors are rushed and overwhelmed? Visit our center and benefit from more time, attention, and a broader approach to healing.

It’s time to take control of your health. Find out why more people are switching to holistic and integrative medicine, and start benefitting from a different approach to healing. Learn more about our therapies or make an appointment today.

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Dr. Dayton is among 15 highly regarded doctors worldwide selected to discuss his integrative approach for treating cancer in a groundbreaking new book.

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A Personalized Program

No two patients are the same, and at Dayton Dandes Medical Center no two treatment plans are either. Whether you’re looking to boost your energy with a Myer’s Cocktail or speed up recovery with stem cell therapy, we build a customized plan to fit your needs.

Realistic Expectations

Our goal is to help you achieve optimal health and see the best results, and being honest with patients is at the heart of that. Our doctors will share the benefits and risks of each treatment, providing you with realistic expectations.

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At our center we work hard to achieve patient satifaction. Everyone from our staff to our medical professionals provide friendly personalized service. We truly care about your health, and work hard to achieve the best possible results.