858ef097d54b2d6f818158c6a408bc37db3214c4_fotolia_47704019_subscription_monthly_mWhat do John F. Kennedy , Kirk Douglas, and Salvador Dali have in common? They all believed in Gerovital treatments.

When Romanian Politician Nicolae Ceausescu was searching for a cure for aging, he found biologist and physician Ana Aslan. Ceausescu funded research conducted by Aslan, which led to the creation of the Geriatric Institute of Bucharest and Gerovital. The institute was the first of its kind to be recognized by the World Health Organization. Gerovital would eventually become an extremely popular anti-aging treatment.

What is Gerovital?
The active ingredient in Gerovital is Procaine hydrochloride. It is created by combining water soluble B-vitamins, para-amino benzoic acid (PABA) and diethylaminoethanol (DEAE). Both are found in the body and are important for good health.
While Gerovital is often used as an anti-aging treatment, it has also been used as an anti-depressant. Gerovital has been found to have a cortisol-inhibiting effect. Cortisol is the body’s natural response to stress. Those who suffer from chronic stress overproduce cortisol. Cortisol over-production can cause memory loss and suppression of the immune system.

As we age we are also susceptible to MAO or monoamine oxidase. When MAOs build up in our brains in excessive amounts it leads to depression. While MAO is vital to body functioning, it is harmful when elevated. Gerovital works is a mild MAO inhibitor, balancing MAO without damaging the mechanism which produces it.

What to Expect
Gerovital can take 1 to 3 days to take effect, and 3 to 6 months of usage is recommended. Consult with your doctor for dosage recommendations and instructions.
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