ll About Dayton Medical Center

When we have a medical issue, getting the right help can sometimes be a daunting task. It sometimes becomes a full time job to find the right care provider to ease symptoms and get a person on the right path for healing. Here the caring professionals at Dayton Medical use a combination of methods for the care of their patients. Whether it’s conventional methods that some people or swear by, or holistic medicine used in the east for centuries people find it here. The medical professionals here, have a staller reputation for excellence, and use tried and true methods of research for find the best and most accurate course of treatments for their most valued patients. The medicine that is practiced here is a more complete type of formula, that leaves no stone unturned. What is commonly used here by world renowned Dr. Dayton, is alternative medicine that consists of holistic properties such as, acupuncture and herbal medicine. Patients are reporting outstanding results and arriving from all corners of the globe to receive various treatments here. Many of them arrive by referral of other existing satisfied patients. One such treatment that this center is noted for is cell treatment, it has countless patients that report outstanding results. To simplify this procedure it’s the extraction of cell tissue from different sources, one such source thought to be an excellent source, swine.
This is one such area of Miami Alternative Medicine offered here. This cell matter that is extracted from the swine and other sources is generally administered directly into a human brain as needed. There are other sources of cells that can be extracted too. A rather irksome ordeal for many women is menopause and this medical center offers relief in the way of hormone replacement. They are noted for their state of the art technology employed to get just the right levels of replacements, treating no two women alike. As the caring professionals here, know that no two are alike and each case is very different. A unique kind of hormones are used here called ‘bioidentical hormones’. They most closely resemble the structure of the hormones made by the human body, thusly having a much better success rate of alleviating many more symptoms of menopause. They are also much less abrasive to the system. These types of hormones that are used here, are shown to be much safer then the synthetic ones used at other medical clinics.
A very big area of practice here at this medical center is Chinese medicine, that dates back centuries. It has been proven to provide relieve to many for thousands of years the world over. The practice is known as ‘TCM’ Traditional Chinese Medicine. It originated in China, more then 5000 years ago, and has been perfected in the East and the West. As advanced as China is in all spheres of technology TCM is still widely practiced in many state of the art hospitals throughout China and other parts of the Far East. One of the faucets of TCM is Acupuncture Miami, it can be found here, and it has been perfected to offer relief to afflictions throughout the entire body. The basic formula of acupuncture is the insertion of medal types of rods that are for the most part not painful into different parts of the body. By doing so, it relieves certain pressure and blockages that may be present. The results are better energy, better disposition, better circulation, better state of being.