Nutrient IV

Intravenous infusion of nutrients in various quantities and combinations tailored to individual needs have dramatic effects in addressing various medical conditions and bodily function. The nutrient IVs may contain or may not contain vitamin C, other vitamins, minerals, fats, amino acids, herbal and animal derived substances. The intravenous route is the most direct route to address nutritional deficiencies and to optimize vitamin metabolism. Intravenous nutrition is helpful in giving athletes a performance edge. Very helpful for patients who have impaired digestion or assimilation. Intravenous nutrition often is used to prime the pump as an assist in attaining a state of desired wellness.

A popular example of nutrient IV is that called Myer’s cocktail named after Dr. Myer who had practiced in Baltimore, Maryland. The thought behind the infusion was that it would stimulate the production of energy in the body to foster function repair and performance. The Myer’s cocktail comes in various versions and is popularly used in alternative medical offices. Another version, Barbara’s cocktail is an IV which contains different ingredients. Many nutrients containing IVs we do not carry the names for because they are created specifically to be tailored to individual patient’s needs.