Anti-Aging Medicine

Vibrant Health & Prolonged Youthfulness Can Be Yours!

We all want to live a long and healthy life full of energy, vitality and mental clarity as we age. Vibrant health and prolonged youthfulness are attained by choosing lifestyle and medical stategies wisely. These vital choices help reverse processes that deplete health and lead to premature aging.

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Although the majority of human health needs are similar, each individual has their own unique health requirements that are never the same as that of anyone else. Effective evaluation of such requirements is imperative for optimizing healthy longevity. Because health is too dear to be left to chance, medical wisdom and technologies from around the world are often employed to address patient needs at Dayton Medical Center. For example, after diagnostic evaluation modern bio-identical hormone therapies from the west may be prescribed along with time proven herbal formulations from the east for synergistic benefits.

A youthful external appearance reflects the result of internal revitalization. At Dayton Medical Center our wellness and anti aging medicine strategies focus on biological function and repair to support youthful vitality.

The Center can partner with you to achieve this goal by conducting an effective evaluation to optimize your own unique path to healthy longevity.