Therapies – Overview

Alternative and Conventional Medicine, Holistic & Natural

Two categorical forms of medical care offered in the US are conventional medicine and CAM (complementary and alternative medicine.)

Complementary and alternative medicine (known by the acronym CAM) covers unconventional medicine

Complementary: To make conventional medicine more complete.

Alternative: To be used instead of conventional medicine, together complementary and alternative medicine comprise what is called unconventional medicine. Examples of CAM practices which have been refined over thousands of years are acupuncture and herbal medicine.

Conventional: Medical care is based on practices found in mainstream medical physicians’ offices and hospitals.

Being no one system of medical care offers the most effective, safest, and most economical care to all individuals at all times, integrating wisdom and technology from different medical systems from around the world offers solutions for health care needs, not adequately addressed by any one health care system alone.

Integrative medicine: Combines conventional medicine with knowledge and technology found in other forms of healing arts, collectively known as complementary and alternative medicine. In treating a patient with an infected sore throat integrative medicine may involve both the use antibiotics and the strengthening of the immune system to overcome such infections and prevent others from occurring in the future.

Holistic medicine: Involves a philosophy and an approach which takes into account the interrelationships of many aspects of a person in addition to signs and symptoms. Holistic care providers may look at signs and symptoms as the patient’s expression of underlying processes which need to be addressed. Mind, body and spirit and their interrelationships is emphasized. Patients play an active role in strategic health planning.

Homeopathic: A holistic form of medicine which involves the use of non-toxic substances which work primarily on an energetic level. Homeopathic medicines are used to initiate healing processes.

Natural: Refers to the use of non-synthesized substances and energy. With the advent of genetically modified foods distinction of what may be natural or not may at times be blurred.

Concierge: Services that is increased availability, home care, after hour care and special office privileges are available for those patients with conditions or special circumstances which dictate such need. Intravenous therapies and other forms of home care are available for individuals and groups.

Injection Therapy: Delivering nutrients and medicines where and when they are needed in adequate quantities.