Electromagnetic Fields

Electromagnetic fields have been associated with healing, a practice which probably predates recorded history. Electromagnetic emissions produced by various healers have been measured in the 7-9 Hz range, similar to the Earth’s natural resonance known as Schumann’s resonance with a frequency of 7.8 Htz. In one experiment, the bodily electromagnetic discharge of an acknowledged healer was measured in the range of 30 to 300 volts, over 100,000 times above baseline. Magnets have been known to be used in Chinese medicine from around 2000 BC. European physician Paracelsus in the 15th century AD described the influence of magnets in his medical writings.

In 1912 a report, funded by pharmaceutical interests, characterized any electromagnetic therapy or energy medicine such as homeopathy as unscientific, creating a greater dependence on pharmaceutical medicine. Using this biased report as a mandate to make medicine “scientific” as defined by Flexner, a war was waged on therapeutic approaches which competed with pharmaceutical drugs to create a health care monopoly for the pharmaceutical industry. Electromagnetic therapeutic societies and homeopathic medical schools became casualties.

However, electromagnetic therapeutics have had a resurgence in the later 20th century which continues today into the twenty first. Numerous studies have been published reflecting the biological effect of electromagnetic fields and their therapeutic use in a wide variety of conditions in humans. Published reports on the use of electromagnetic fields in healing of bone fractures have frequently appeared in medical literature since as early as 1850 AD.

Other devices such as the MAS PEMF mat offers relaxing and gentle electromagnetic therapies which foster healing with more subtle energy. The Chi Device uses electromagnetic fields in conjunction with pulsating sound in a form that mimics patterns emitted from healers. We also combine static magnets with PEMF for more dramatic effects.

PEMF increases the utilization of oxygen in tissues. As it exercises cellular tissues and promotes healing, PEMF has been used to alleviate pain, muscle spasm, abdominal discomfort, mood disorders, insomnia, and inflammation. General and overall body functioning for those who have neurological disorders may be improved. Each PEMF device has its own spectrum of utility. Magnetic treatments DO NOT involve the use of toxic chemicals which could produce toxicity. PEMF may be used in conjunction with other methods and complementary fashion to attain better results.

The use static magnetic fields with overlying PEMF produces dramatic results in regard to tranquility, energy, healing, and pain relief. Therapy usually lasts 15-30 minutes. Electromagnetic simulation in the form of TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) and MENS (microcurrent electrical nerve stimulation) involve electrodes placed on the skin to reduce pain. MENS is used to also stimulate healing.