Family Practice

What is Family Practice?

Family Practice is a medical specialty which provides comprehensive health care for both the individual and the family. Family Practice physicians integrate the biological, clinical and behavioral sciences in order to most effectively treat the patient.


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family2Different from Internal Medicine, Family Practice (Family Medicine) is a medical specialty that is devoted to people of all ages. Specialists are often referred to as family physicians, family doctors or family nurse practitioners. In Europe Family Practice is known as “General Practice,” because of its holistic nature and its roots in the family.

Primary Principles of Family Practice Medicine

familyThe primary focus of Family Practice is to emphasize disease prevention and health promotion. The aim of family medicine as outlined by the World Organization of Family Doctors (WONCA), is to provide personal, comprehensive and continuing care for the individual in the context of the family and the community. Family Practice physicians often use primary care ethics when treating patients.



These ethics include:

1. Insofar as it lies within their power, to help prevent avoidable illness and death in their patients

2. To help those who are or who believe themselves to be ill cope with their illnesses, real or

feared, to the best of their ability and so to achieve their maximum potential

3. To deliver the best possible evidence based medical care to patients who have physical or

mental illnesses

Treatments & Therapies

Family physicians provide a range of preventative medical care services in addition to diagnosing and treating illness. They can provide routine checkups, health-risk assessments, immunization, and screening tests. They also help patients address health issues by providing personalized counseling, coordinate care provided by other subspecialists, and more. In order to become board certified, family physicians must complete a residency in Family Medicine, take a written cognitive exam and possess an unrestricted license. Family doctors can also provide physical exams, diagnostic laboratory tests, joint injections, perform minor office procedures and much more.

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Family Practice at Dayton Dandes Medical Center

At Dayton Dandes Medical Center our patients can benefit from family care right here in our convenient medical facility. Our trained staff will work with you and your family to get on a path towards optimal health. We provide a variety of services includingPRP Therapy for joint and muscle pain. Review our services online and contact us today to learn more about our Family Practice physicians.